Information for Health Practitioners

Physio treatments in Laleham and Staines

For effective physio treatments in Laleham and Staines, get in touch with Laleham and Staines Physio today.

Information for Health Practitioners

You can write to us at: Laleham and Staines Physiotherapy, c/- Physio Suite The Thames Club Wheatsheaf Lane, Staines Middlesex, TW18 2PD

Phone us on: 01784 817 812

We are also happy to send you a referral pad should you wish.

We feel that it is important to liaise with you regarding your patients’ treatments and keep you informed of their progress. We send out initial assessment letters and discharge letters. In addition to this we will send you progress reports as indicated.

Outcome measures
We are committed to ensuring high quality treatment and measuring our effectiveness. We use validated outcome measures where possible and will send you these as indicated.
Are you a health practitioner looking for more information?
Get in touch with Laleham and Staines Physio on 01784 817 812

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